You Are a Candle

You Are a Candle

Oh love
You are a candle to my way
To keep me from going astray
Guiding me by night and by day

Oh love
You are a whisper in my ear
To say, “Be still and truly hear”
Calming the waves and all my fear

Oh love
You are the sunlight in my sky
That brightens the earth passing by
Causing my heart to leap and fly

Oh love
You are an island in my sea
A refuge you will always be
Harboring my ship in safety

Oh love
You are all to me


A Dream In the Air

A Dream In the Air

There’s a dream that fills the air
When eyes meet glowing eyes
The whole world electrifies
And for you, the sun will rise
Bringing not a harm or care

A song will dance in the rain
Love, paint a canvas bright
Truth, set a spark in the night
Hope, sail a fine kite
While grace brings rich gain

When separate lives collide
Sparks light up the sky
Emotions begin to fly
Those hearts give a heavenly sigh
All cares are set aside

There’s a dream that fills the air
Believe in love if you dare
For you, the sun rises without care
And brings light, shining and fair