Man and Space: Part I

Man and Space: Part I

Once upon a time there was a man
Of great wealth and esteem in the land
He analyzed every moving thing
Things short-lived and creatures long lasting
From the tallest tree
To the smallest flea
He was honored and praised many a time
For his great works he viewed as just fine

One day he looked to the stars above
And thought “earthly works are not enough
I want to analyze the great sky
But I need to be able to fly
Into unknown space
Passing the sun’s face”
He thought but nothing came to mind
Of how to escape the realm of time

While gazing at a beautiful star
To the right, one quickly fell afar
He promptly made on whimsical wish
That he could swim through space like a fish
Float close to the sun
He would have much fun
He could study the whole universe
Very close up, he would be the first


In Mists, Part 1

In Mists, Part 1

All the lands are covered
In darkness and in mists
The fog, around, hovered
Like birds over their nests
All is lost, all is cost

Nor mountain, nor valley
Neither hill nor the shore
Reveal a light to see
Only dark tales and lore
All is cost, all is lost

For the grounds, they lie still
And trees remain asleep
Waiting that day until
The one will save and keep
Only the sheep, only the sheep

‘Till then, darkness will reign
So much blood will be shed
All of the dead will feign
To be alive and wed
To the mists, by their fists

The fog clouds the vision
The clouds fog the sight
Of those on a mission
To nowhere; their own plight
This I show, this I know

For I once was a tree
Guarding a secret way
To feel love and be free
To run about and play
All was true, all was new

Given a tremendous
And honorable task
Bearing a pure, wondrous
Fruit, to undo life’s mask
Immortal, forever

The plan was simplistic
The directions quite clear
What appeared fantastic
Had collapsed due to fear
And desire, through the fire

Lust for greater power
Longing for something more
What had been a flower
Grew evil at its core
Death now comes, death now won

All is darkness and mists
There is no light of day
Severing hands at wrists
They scrape their pains away
Where is hope? Where is hope?