After long travels week after week
The space man could not find what he seeked
And that was Earth, his marvelous home
Far into space he was alone
No one to talk to
Nothing he could do
To search for his mother planet, Earth
All his research would be of no worth

His heart became lost in loneliness
His thinking became a scrambled mess
The fame he sought would never take place
All those hopes had left his dreary face
He screamed at nothing
He fought with nothing
All of his supplies were scarcely thin
All of his food could fit in a tin

“Why did this happen to me?” he thought
“This is not the outcome I have sought
All of my research will now go to waste
Any glory I will never taste
I have failed my life
And filled it with strife
I’ll die alone in this galaxy
Oh, had I not lived in vanity”

One day his house came close to a sun
He knew his fight could never be won
It was impossible to find home
He would die a poor man all alone
From glory to dull
He ended it all
He leaped out towards that brilliant star
He burned alive as he fell afar…


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