Inspiration’s Well

For the longest time I’ve desired to share what inspires me as a writer.  But up until now, I’ve never had a proper place to do just that.  As I begin diving into the vast, entangled webs of the internet in a possibly vain attempt to reach forth and spread my wings as an author, I want to begin sharing my journey with you.

I may not have a whole volume of material to write about in regards to my life and subsequent experiences as a human being, but I’ve realized that is okay.  Everyone has their own story to share even if it’s not an outlier found amid a billion human observations.  Many of us walk the same trodden paths our ancestors once did in their own lives.  The human life is still solely based on the same principles of previous generations.  Sure, technology changes, society changes, government changes, but the very inner, intimate human principles do not.  What truly makes a person an individual, a lone unit on the graph, is how they handle the things that inspire them in their everyday life.

For me, my inspiration has come from a rather common yet misunderstood and highly complex mental illness affecting millions of people: depression.

Now, I don’t say this to sound dramatic or anything of that nature (which is how it becomes wrongly misconstrued so many times when someone even mentions the possibility of having depression in their life).  I’m not looking for any kind of sympathy.  I’m simply telling the truth; a truth that for several years even I did not want to admit to myself.

I mean, come on, I’ve lived a blessed life with a wonderful family and great structure.  I’ve never been poor or broken or abused.  I should be happy all the time, right?  Who am I to be depressed when millions of other people have it so much more worse than I?

These were and still can be the thoughts that plague my mind whenever I feel depressed and begin to doubt everything.  Shame and guilt enter in even when they have no right to be there in the first place.

It’s okay; it really is.  No one should ever be shamed by being depressed, especially by someone else.  It can become a serious issue, made worse by people who misunderstand it in the first place.

These days, I am able to manage it better, thanks to the loving guidance and reassurances of my wife.  I still have my rough patches I admit, but I know one thing; there is always hope.  And it is from this wellspring of hope that I draw my inspiration.

If you are struggling with depression seek consul, whether it be from a loved one or a counselor; whatever works best for you.  I found my solace in my wife, but that does not mean it works the same for everybody.  If you’re unsure what to do, I encourage you to visit  It is a great website full of valuable information and resources on all things mental health related.

I encourage everyone to give grace to all whom you meet.  You never know what people may be struggling with or why they may be upset, or in a bad mood, or just flat out rude to you.  And remember…

Love Unlimited

C.J. Huffman


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